TikTok’s latest pesto baked hack has nothing to do with feta, or pasta

TikTok’s latest pesto baked hack has nothing to do with feta, or pasta

TikTok’s love for baked cheese has gifted the foodie world time and time again with delicious new hacks and recipes that always go viral, and this latest one is no different.

Placing a twist on the baked feta we’re all familiar with is this new camembert dish that promises to send cheese-lovers into a frenzy.

TikTok user @goodfoodvibes has introduced the new Pesto Baked Camembert to her followers, and it’s safe to say they’re loving it.

With hundreds of thousands of views , the clip (which you can watch above) details exactly how to make this now viral dish, and if you’re looking for party food to impress, this is it.

To start with, you first place a piece of camembert on some rolled out circular pastry.

If you’re a little short on time, you can speed up the process by using a ready made puff pastry that you can buy ahead.

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Once you’ve got the pastry laid out, you spread some green pesto all over, while also avoiding getting it on the camembert in the middle.

You then sprinkle some grated mozzarella on top of the layer of pesto.

After you have your based covered, you place another sheet of the puff pastry on top of the camembert and pesto, and using a fork, you then seal the edges.

Next, you cut around the camembert to create pastry pieces before twisting them, then brush with egg whites and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top before putting it into the oven.

After being baked, you cut the pastry off at the top to reveal the melted camembert which creates a perfect dipping sauce for the pesto pastry pieces you just created.

Including just six ingredients, the dish is described as “easy difficulty”, and you can find the full recipe below.


1 camembert (round)3 tbsp green pesto1 handful mozzarella (grated)1 sheet puff pastry1 tsp sesame seeds1 egg

Prep: 5 minutesCook: 15 minutes

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